Friday, July 25, 2014

Exterior Painting Prep in Progress: Part II

The paint is going on, it's an exciting time! Here's a little patchwork of our samples and the wall color being painted on the walls first:

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Exterior Painting Prep in Progress

Now that we've been through the arduous process of selecting colors, the long-awaited work has finally begun. We consider ourselves capable do-it-yourselfers, but there's no way we are prepared to research the process, acquire the equipment, and have time for such a big project. Maybe if we took a couple of weeks off this summer, but that's not going to happen. We are happily hiring professionals to paint the house.

Our guys are Custom Finishes. They came highly recommended by a family friend who has an 1800s Victorian in the neighborhood. We've been in the planning stages with Custom Finishes since March, so we were really excited to get on their project list for the summer.

They've power washed and have started scraping, sanding and filling. There are a few troubled spots on this old house - a few gaps and odd areas where the new windows were put in. It's been interesting to watch the process and layers of high-tech finishes to seal up those holes. From my perspective, it looks like this: power-washing, scraping, pulling out rusty nails, priming the bad spots, and putting a goopy black latex sealant for the scraped down areas. I'm really grateful to not be up on that ladder making it up as I go along!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Getting Crafty with Custom Paint

The skirting color we chose was a bust: too dark, and would fade and peel almost immediately (we were told). So our painter suggested we get crafty and mix the existing skirting color with the wall color to make a custom color, then we could get it matched at the paint store.

We tried mixing them both equally, it was a great-looking color, but too dark (colors 1 - 3). Adding the lightest trim color created a gray that was blue - which didn't go with our scheme at all. We tested custom colors until we got one that worked, the 7th one was a charm!

I can't even really tell you what colors are in here. I mixed the wall color (Benjamin Moore/Willow Creek) with the original trim color (Benjamin Moore/Wrought Iron), then threw in a little this and that from all the samples we bought. I don't think I could arrive on this color again if I tried, but I don't have to! The color has been immortalized on a greasy pizza box and the color-matching software program at the paint shop will mix it up.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Victorian Gem

I went down down the rabbit hole of the internet and ended up on local real estate listings today. Visit Humboldt posted a link to a Zillow survey about some home listings in Eureka, which happened to be close to the Manor. I clicked on the placeholder listing for our house, which had some fun photos from the listing when we bought it.

The home values are depressing (and out of date). We didn't buy in the height of the market, still - we're upside down, even more so with all the improvements we've put into the house. The changes we've made make it a better place to live and we're happy to do it because we can't help ourselves, but let's just say that the math is not working in our favor if we were to sell any time soon. But we didn't buy it as an investment, we bought it as a place to live. We love this house, and we're lucky enough to be able to afford the mortgage. So I'm not complaining!

Found some 2006 photos. I hated that mint green in the bedroom, but really liked the period staging they did for the house and the smell of antique old growth redwood when you walk in the door.

Also funny is the listing description, especially because it lists "fireplace", but neglects to mention that it's fully non-functional!

Victorian Gem near Henderson Center.
Seller will assist with creative financing. Beautifully refurbished. Move in ready. New kitchen w/new appliances and cabinets. French doors w/vintage glass. 11 ft. ceilings. hardwood floors, clawfoot tub, fireplace. Original doors & hardware. New paint, wiring, plumbing. Utility/laundry room. Large lot, alley access. Big attic space w/ hideaway stairs.

Neighborhood Description
Quiet street located within walking distance to neighborhood shops and boutiques. Desireable area in the heart of Eureka surrounded by homes with distinct, historic architectual style.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Housepaint selection process CONTINUES

We've stumbled upon a (nearly) winning paint combination! It looks good in the shade, the sun, the in-between. It's warm enough, and looks generally sharp - we're pretty excited about it! Here's the breakdown:

Benjamin Moore (from Ace)
Wall color: Willow Creek
Trim: Light Pewter
Skirting: Wrought Iron*

*Why an asterisk, you ask? We had our painter over to chime in on the colors and how he thought they would cover. He liked the wall and trim color, but brought up a very good point about the darkest color (Wrought Iron): it will fade heavily, and get really hot and peel, which is exactly what the current skirting color is doing on the south side of the house.

Le SIGH! But he's right. Since we've decided on 2 out of 3 colors, the last one shouldn't be too hard, right?

Our painter suggested mixing the wall color and trim color to maintain the essence of the color, but make it lighter so we won't have maximum fade. In progress, more pics of that to come!